How to Make Money from Cashew Nut Processing

How to Make Money from Cashew Nut Processing
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How to Make Money from Cashew Nut Processing

Introduction to Making Money from Cashew Nut Processing Business

The cashew nut processing business started in the late 1960s and turned out to be the main crop after tea and coffee. Cashew nuts can be consumed directly or in various forms of food. Ideas for Making Money from this amazing nut


 Cashew Nut Processing Business

cashews are seasonal fruits that cannot be consumed raw and must be processed before they can be eaten. Cashew acts as an energy source. , Nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants are beneficial to human health and also help protect against diseases such as cancer. The cashew nut processing unit can be started from anywhere by determining the availability of raw materials.


Today, this article is going to explain a money-making business idea, which is a small cashew nut processing business. The profit margin of cashew nut processing business is high, and you can also receive training from the cashew nut processing training center.

Market Potential of Cashew Nut Processing Business

Demand for cashew nuts is increasing day by day and is one of the important agricultural assets exported from India to overseas..


India is a leading country in the processing, production, consumption and export of cashew nuts. Cashew processing businesses in India have the best productivity rate in the world. More than 70% of processed cashew nuts are shipped in the world from India. The domestic market also consumes two-thirds of overall production because cashew is a consumable item mainly on Indian households. You can also take advantage of the cashew processing subsidy from the government.




Legislation and license processing business registration

After starting cashew processing in India, you must complete certain registration and licensing procedures. List of registrations and licenses needed to start a cashew manufacturing business is below.


Firm registration: You can start a small to medium cashew business either as a Ownership or as a Partnership Company.


If you plan to own the establishment alone then read ‘ If this cashew business is a One Person Company, then you must register your company as ownership. For a Partnership operation, you should register as a limited liability partnership (L. LP) or Private Limited Company with a Registrar of Companies (ROC) .




GST registration: GST registration will provide the GST number which is mandatory for all businesses.


Trade license: The trade license can be obtained from the local authorities.


pollution Certificate: The cashew manufacturing industry can produce pollution; therefore, you must obtain the pollution control certificate.

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MSME / SSI registration: Cashew manufacturing is a mechanical industry if you plan to register your business with MSME / SSI registration, it could help to use subsidies and government facilities.


License by boiler inspector. : Obtaining a license from the boiler superintendent for the owner of a cashew nut unit is mandatory.



Trademark: Once you acquire the brand using the trademark registration.


Area required for cashew business

You acquire an area of approximately 500 square meters and for the operation of a small-scale cashew preparation unit. The area should be smoothed and have an open area to dry cashews in the sun.


You must check the accessibility to the market where you can sell your item. This will have an impact in determining the set-up cost aggregate. It is impossible to start processing cashew nuts at home.


Raw materials used in the cashew nut processing business


Young cashew fruit.

Main The raw material for this business is cashew nuts. Find the best supplier of raw materials and equipment you need on the market.



Raw materials must be available in high quality and at a reasonable cost. Complete the appropriate analysis before confirming the dealer or supplier.


 Cashew Processing Machine and Unit Setup

This One allows you to start a cashew preparation unit anywhere in the country. Choose deliberately, keeping in mind the accessibility to the prepared market and the use of crude cashews from shipping.


The list of materials

  • Cooking vessels
  • Fragments strainer
  • Hand of equipment used in the treatment of cashew nuts equipment
  • Hot furnace
  • Husk the winnowing the cutting action machine
  • Multi machine
  • Cashew color separation charging below.
  • Cooking containers
  • Cashew referred cashew kernel alignment appliance
  • Shutting machine
  • Steam boiler
  • Steam pipeline
  • Steam reservoir
  • Weighing shedding scale
  • Pieces separator
  • Sealing automatically machine
  • Semi Finished product

Cashew nut processing in sealed packaging with moisture-proof function


With the knowledge we have passed down to you through this article we are hoping to hear good news about your cashew nut processing and how to make money from this business. If you do have anything to ask feel free to use the comment box below…

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